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Let's get ready for exams.

Choose the best answer (А, В, С or D).

1. Can you imagine______________ in 2050?

A .what life will be like        С . what will be life like 

В.  what will be life             D . what life was like

2. Nobody____why people walk or talk in their sleep.

A. know                 С.knew

В. knows                D. is knowing

3. A kangaroo has such strong legs____ it can jump over a car.

A so                                  С as

В so as                              D that

4. People use__________words and gestures to express their feelings.

A .both                               С.neither

В. either                             D also

5. John F. Kennedy was the youngest president of the United States and _____ to be mur­dered.

A. four                       С. fourth

В. the four                D. the fourth            

6. Many of Agatha Christie's novels_____.

A .made into films                      С. have been made into films

В. have made into films             D. into films were made

7. There aren't______________easy ways of  learning a foreign language.

A. some     С. any

В. no         D. the

8. My father always gives me________________.

A. good advices                  С. a good advice

В. the good advice            D. good advice

9. I___ this car for a year.

A. have                          С. am having 

В. have    had               D. have been having

10.   You'll find your way to the village without dif­ficulty _____.            .

A. if you will have a map              С. if you have a map 

В. if you had a map                       D. if you're having a map

11.    He tried to be serious but he couldn't help___.

A. laugh                 С. laughed 

В. to laugh             D. laughing

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